Club Vice in Hollywood
Every Saturday Night
I'm having a huge bday party for a very well known
personal asst for the stars "Sheba" and also CEO of 
PrettyGirls Entertainment & Pink Maid! 

Ladies free till 10:45pm / Guys $10 up till 10:45pm
Everyone else there after $20

Make sure you say JK list at the door or you wont
get in or maybe pay more......

Bottle service email ASAP reserved your tables and bottles

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you may never known who can help you further your career.

Disclaimer: JK Entertainment is in no way associated and affiliated with or endorsed by club vice or the NBA ALL STARS. JK is private contracted company that bring that quality people to special events. JK have extended its invitation to the NBA PLAYERS AND OTHERS APART OF THE NBA organization through press releases indirectly to all members of the NBA in addition to other industry professionals who would like to attend. JK has no control over who will actually attend and as such can make no promises or guarantee than any of those invited will be joining us at any of our events. JK has no control over who drinks or drive and other people actions.