The Services & Products JK provides is listed:

1. Free Bday Parties at clubs or hotels in Hollywood. Anymore Prices will vary. Email me in subject heading "Bday."

Private Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties for special occasions I provide the girls, guys and venue if you need a house, hotel or club. I also have Models, Dancers or Entertainment Stars? Prices varies. Click here on the link for more info:

3. If you want to save 20% to 40% on your current bills I could help you for example: Cell phones, home phones, cable, gas, electricity and etc. My company also has access to the new video phones where you can talk to people and see them at the same time and also get free cell phones. If your interested email me in the subject heading "Save money." My website to get the free cell phones and more 

4.Need a website? I can build one for you flat fee of $300.00 
If your interested email me in the subject heading " Website."

5. Need a job, career or your hands on some free goverment $$$$!!!! As long as you have a high school diploma, college degree and/or had at least 2-3 jobs I can help, "Hire me!!!" I'll find the job or career! I'll fill out the applications and get you goverment funding! All you got to do is just answer your phone! It's that simply! $30 a day/ $100 a week!
 If your interested email me in the subject heading "Need a Job."

                                       If you refer someone to me you get a free service or a $25 rebate check!!!!!!
                                                               Email me: